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Connect More! - Feelings of Deficiency

08.02.2024 | iDare

As we traverse through life in various capacities of a mother, teacher, boyfriend or just a “liver” as Orry would put it; we may tend to put off on trying to accept our idiosyncratic roots on the journey. What this means is that, as we go through different parts and phases of life, one can’t help but be engrossed in the inferences we make from the outcomes of certain projects, praises and even silences. And in those moments, we may tend to be hard on ourselves, or even others for the same inferences made.  
In order to be with someone, in whatsoever capacity, it is crucial we know at least a bit in how we are, when we are on our own. This can look like having awareness around why silences may seem ‘awkward’ and needed to be filled immediately, why planning things beforehand seems more relaxing even if for others it may seem taxing and lastly, why despite our differences we need people around us to realize the importance of why we are called ‘social beings’.  
This week let’s explore Feelings of deficiency 

As humans, there are always areas to work on within ourselves. Do you perceive this as a personal lack of something or a personal learning that needs attention? 
What makes deficiency different from learning or growth perspective?  
When have you felt sufficient? Is it through accomplishments/ Positive feedback/ Winning conflicts etc… Why the chosen option? 
Deficiency has a tendency to make one feel that this is the only thing present in oneself. What would you like to do/remind yourself about the entirety of who you are and what you are capable of?  

We hope that in these series of articles that we post regularly, you can use the following questions/points as guidelines for you to delve deeper into understanding your roots, your philosophy of life, your motivations and your gifts which could be unfortunately dismissed as ‘being too much’ where as in fact it is this very thing that is much needed in our world right now.  
If you or somebody you know needs any help to understand mental health in depth or is stressed with issues related to mental health, consider reaching our ‘Support’ and ‘Engage’ verticals for affordable and inclusive help!    
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