5 Priceless Gifts for Your Sisters

30.08.2023 | M. Namrata
Writer – M. Namrata Image Credits – Pexels   Rakshabandhan is a joyous occasion for siblings to celebrate their bond, but not all gifts need to come with a price tag. Let us remember that meaningful gifts need not be material po...
Tags: Law & Social Issues

Breaking the Chains of Forced Marriage

22.08.2023 | M. Namrata
Writer – M. Namrata   Image Credits – Pexels     As parents, we all want what's best for our children. We dream of their happiness, their success, and their well-being. We try to protect and nurture them to ens...
Tags: Family & Parenting
friendship day,valuing yourself,self-acceptance,healthy relationships

Embrace Self-Love to Cherish True Friendships!

06.08.2023 | M. Namrata
Writer – M. Namrata   Image Credits – Unsplash     On the 6th of August, as we celebrate Friendship Day across the country, many of us may reminisce about our school days, holding dear the friendship bands or c...
Tags: Love & Relationships
mental health in education,student mental health,exam stress management

Beyond Exams: Nurturing Minds for Lifelong Well-being

24.07.2023 | M. Namrata
Writer – M. Namrata Image Credits – Unsplash Trigger Warning – The article discusses a sensitive topic around students' suicide which can be triggering. Please prioritize self-care while reading and seek support via the 'Support...
Tags: Finance & Education
health anxiety,treatment,illness,anxiety disorders,fears

Do You Obsessively Feel Concerned About Your Health?

29.07.2023 | M. Namrata
Writer – M. Namrata   Image Credits – Unsplash    Do constant health check-ups, self-examination and asking people for reassurance feel relatable to you?   “You are okay. This is normal; you have no...
Tags: Health & Wellness

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