Find it hard to seek help? Maybe this works

04.04.2023 | Radha Kesavaram
Writer – Radha Kesavaram Image Credits – Unsplash   Life takes an unexpected turn. You are dealt a blow you are not prepared to handle. Distress sets in in ways that knock the air out of your lungs. Overwhelming feelings of des...
Tags: Health & Wellness

Sexting In India? Know What The Law says

06.04.2023 | Anusha Kameswar
Writer – Anusha Kameswar   Image Credits -  Pexels Trigger Warnings - Mentions of sexual harassment   Disclaimer - The contents of this page are not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. They may not be suita...
Tags: Law & Social Issues
psychobiotics,food and mental health,nutrition for wellbeing,cancer

Heard of ‘Psychobiotics’? They Might be One of the Best Additions to Your Health!

27.03.2023 | Samar Hafeez
Writer – Samar Hafeez   Image Credits – Unsplash     There has been a significant shift in people's lifestyles in recent times. In addition to insufficient physical exercise, a sharp increase in consumption of ...
Tags: Health & Wellness

Trying to cope with heartbreak?

25.03.2023 | Radha Kesavaram
Writer – Radha Kesavaram   Image Credits - Unsplash    Heartbreak. Breakup. Rejection. The pain is too much to bear, and no hope exists.  Stuck in a never-ending whirlwind of deeply distressing thoughts and feelings...
Tags: Love & Relationships, Activities & Exercises
how to,maintain,work-life,balance,work-life balance

“Work-Life Balance – Does It Even Exist!?”

17.03.2023 | Dr. Krithika
Writer: Dr. Krithika  Trigger Warnings: Mentions of stress and burnout     The hustle of everyday life makes me feel like we are on a constant loop that never stops. It's like our entire life is on autopilot mode, and we are li...
Tags: Health & Wellness

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