Blog / Breakfree Podcast Series | EP 2 - Afifa Kauser, “Breaking up with your therapist”

Breakfree Podcast Series | EP 2 - Afifa Kauser, “Breaking up with your therapist”

22.03.2024 | iDare

Welcome to iDare presents Breakfree. A safe space to unlearn and overcome patterns, habits, situations and relationships that don’t serve our well-being or hold us back. 
We all have things we need to let go off, and today we are going talk about letting go of “the misconceptions around therapy”. 
On this podcast we have with us Afifa Kauser, who is a psychologist and founder of @letstalkhealing. Come join this conversation to know about her journey of becoming a psychologist, what it means to be sensitive and empathetic, misconceptions about therapy, how to trust therapy after having a bad experience, therapy in the Indian household and much more.
Audio Podcast: Spotify Breakfree Ep 2
Timestamps :
00:00 - Intro
00:42 - Afifa’s journey to becoming a psychologist
07:50 - “You’re Highly-sensitive” | Being sensitive isn’t a weakness
13:51 - Discovering Empathy through Religion
17:43 - Internships & the importance of unlearning
22:56 - Theories of Change - 5 Stages
29:18 - Misconceptions about therapy
32:20 - Trusting a therapist after an unpleasant experience
36:50 - Intersectionality and Mental Health
38:36 - Breaking up with your therapist
44:04 - Myths around therapy
47:07 - Therapy in Indian households
52:08 - Afifa’s iDare Moment
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