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My World, My Happiness

15.02.2024 | Akhila Ramaswamy

College days bring back so many student life memories back to our present! My most cherished memory is when I got successfully placed at a famous IT company. I wouldn’t call it my ‘dream come true’ moment, for I had never envisioned that in my dream at all. But it definitely made me happy and confident to take on the world with a more positive outlook. My parents were overjoyed with my placement, and congratulatory messages, wishes, and calls soon poured in from every corner.  
After we finished college and went our own ways, we got busy with jobs and higher study preparations. The day finally arrived when I excitedly entered the company premises, completed the joining formalities, and then got to meet new people around. We were soon acquainted with new roles and responsibilities in the team and how things would progress. At some point, I felt overwhelmed but quickly prepared myself for more inputs coming my way.  
Days passed, and the initial excitement soon became a routine affair. The role and the work were exciting, no doubt, but I felt something amiss within myself all along. It took me several days and months to figure out that particular missing element that had created a vacuum kind of scenario in my life. I was satisfied with my career progression, and the future prospects looked promising. Yet, satisfaction could not transform itself into the happiness I wished for. Happiness to me was not a fancy gift to be purchased or bargained for. Happiness to me meant contentment, a sense of fulfillment from within, and bringing oneself to a long-lasting, comfortable settlement with ease.  
My ordinarily quiet mind started looking out for ways to achieve this kind of happiness. I started wondering if I really wanted to continue what I was doing. The well-wishers' fraternity, mainly the relatives and far-off family members, started wondering if I really understood my steps. After all, who would want to forego a steady, progressive job with no solid plans for the future? The same people who patted my shoulders for securing a position through college placements now felt taken aback. Nobody understood my point of view except my parents. A monotonous 9 to 5 job with the same repetitive tasks day in and day out left me wanting to explore my creative sides.  
Deep within, I knew I was the kind of person who loved a variety in my tasks, wanted appreciated assignments that required different approaches, but none of these really existed in my current role. For all this and more, I blamed myself for not performing enough research and blindly giving in to a rush of excitement that took the better of me. After much thought, I decided to leave my job once and for all and then sit down to identify what I really wanted to do. My parents held my hand firmly and explained things to me without judging me or forcing their views on me. They let me decide things for myself without bothering much about society.  
Soon enough, I quit my job with a solid determination to walk my own path. I soon enrolled myself in a patent writing course, and I must admit, it was the beginning of all great things ahead. One thing led to another, and I gradually started writing on different topics. The vast open field in front of me allowing me to experiment, curate, write and explore got me closer to a sense of newfound joy. I began enjoying what I was doing. Over a while, I had discovered and learned so many new things that I started feeling content from within.  
Over time, I started applying for companies as a freelancer and a Mumbai start-up soon showed interest in my work. Here, I learned different writing styles and crafted articles on a great variety of topics. Finally, I was happy with whatever I was doing. I found my true happiness and contentment whenever I wrote an article or essay. I jumped with joy whenever any article got approved by the company. I had begun my new journey, this time with a happy mind, a happy heart, and a happy soul.  
We are accustomed to living and adjusting ourselves according to the rules and regulations laid down by society. Of late, youngsters are breaking this norm and exploring offbeat careers that may not go down too well with everyone in general. We have begun living and dreaming for ourselves in our own little ways without bothering too much about society. We can write our own future by working through paths that give us happiness and a sense of gratification. Performing in roles that do not draw the best of our abilities only takes us to the doors of stress and depression. It’s high time we changed our mindsets from the shackles of conservative thinking to forge into paths that mean the world to us. Let us conquer our true desires and fulfill them confidently with courage.  
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