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Ode to Rudyard

05.02.2024 | Radha Kesavaram

If every struggle could be Life’s wake up call to learn  
If every defeat could be a stumbling on your way up the mountain  
If every drop of tear could be seen as homage  
to the part that died only so you could be born anew  
If every victory could be seen as proof that you are fit to serve  
You would see Heaven and Earth working in your favor  
Angels relentlessly holding you and cheering you on  
Their voices heard as whispers in the dark  
Begging you to trust just one more time  
To have faith to persevere  
For the mountain top is closer than you think  
And soon as you stand there looking at the view  
Remember to pick flowers you can plant on your way down  
To light up the path for that weary traveller  
Who has perhaps started her journey on Angels’ call  !!
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