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To be Okay with Flux

15.02.2024 | Radha Kesavaram

The palette appears everyday  
with colors I didn’t ask for  
Some dark some unwanted  
daunting and mysterious  
Hands shiver as I pick up the brush  
The canvas steady and welcoming  
Dare with gay abandon I hear it say  
like a long-lost friend inviting me to play  
The game unnerving seems familiar  
The dance begins  
of colors blending with a mind of their own  
Balance, they say is the trick  
If only I was a creature of habit  
not wild and untamed of spirit  
The flux reveals its form  
with no semblance of pause  
I hear applause from passersby  
It’s a masterpiece they say  
with gusto and warmth  
and passion never found  
There's beauty in flux  
and flux in beauty  
Masterpieces abound  
as I learn to play!!
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Image Credits - Unsplash

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