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Lamb At Heart

20.10.2023 | Tamanna Chandel

Suppose you could turn around 
And look them deep in the eye, 
And utter those very words, 
That makes your soul cry 
No, I don’t. 
Yes, I will! 
Watch me do just that, 
You don’t owe me! 
Words that make you feel, 
Alive and fighting, 
Fighting against the world, where 
There is always so much shouting! 
Where people lie to themselves, 
And think they are truth seekers, 
World where you are real, 
Only in the confines of your mind 
What does one do, 
To rescue oneself from this world, 
Where you look for love everywhere,  
But find it nowhere. 
If there is strength in this struggle? 
If so, then of what kind? 
Why are we all struggling, 
When we should all be happy and of sound mind? 
But then, you shouldn’t ask such questions, 
Mind you that the world hates questions, 
You are supposed to fit into things, 
And never demand any open wings. 
But then, this struggle has its rewards, I guess, 
You become the stone that weeps once in a while, 
And like the being who comes once in a century into existence, 
You find the magic in you too 
So be the weeping stone if you must, 
For even being a lamb at heart, one wears the skin of a tiger, 
Because you must be strong forever, 
So that you can be weak, once in a while. 
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