Struggling to reach your goals? Try this

March 15, 2023 | Radha Kesavaram
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Writer – Radha Kesavaram  

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One common deterrent while pursuing goals is the sense of failure, and accompanying feelings of disappointment and hopelessness set in when there seems to be no sight of achieving them. 

Here are a few things you may consider before giving up on your goals: 

  • Ground rules in place 

            Taking care of essentials such as scheduling and time management and factors contributing to personal well being 

  • Are my goals too generic and vague? 

            The Specific 





 acronym can be a helpful guide in setting goals that we are more likely to achieve shortly 

  • Are my goals truly aligned with my vision? 

            Setting self-concordant goals which are not just based on public opinion can help. These are goals that I have personal allegiance to and hence can hold myself accountable for. 

  • Willingness to be flexible 

            Successful are those amongst us who are ever willing to adapt to changing circumstances and can realign their goals accordingly 


Remember – What you focus on grows! 

The key is connecting with your vision and setting goals that genuinely align with who you are. 

Stay the course!  


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