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Feeling stressed?

20.10.2023 | Radha Kesavaram

A fair amount of stress helps us plan and prepare ourselves better for effective action. But when it crosses the optimum level, which is different for each of us, it can become unhealthy and lead to undesirable consequences. 
Here is what can help: 

Identifying the Stressor(s) 

Take a step back to recognize and become aware of who and what is causing you  
stress so that remedial action can be taken accordingly.  

Upskilling yourself 

Find out ways in which you can gain skills and prepare yourself better so that you can deal with the situation in the best possible manner.  

Seeking help from support systems 

Reach out to friends and loved ones for insights that can help you view the situation from the right perspective enabling you to face the situation better.  

Reminder for Self-care 

Take this opportunity to slow things down and engage in adequate rest. You might have been ignoring this for a while. 

Professional help 

For concerns you are unable to address yourself, or you find unmanageable, know that reliable, professional help is always handy.  
Awareness is the first step. 
Knowing that you are experiencing too much stress, more than you can handle, can also be a breakthrough helping you acquire new learnings and skills! 
Stay the course, and you shall succeed! 
If you or somebody you know needs more information on how to deal with stress, consider reaching our ‘Support’ and ‘Engage’ verticals for affordable and inclusive help!  
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