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How To Respond And Not React?

04.07.2024 | Namrata Mishra

“Learn to respond and not react.”  
Sounds like something heard before?  
It is believed that responding and not reacting is crucial because it helps us make calculated decisions. These decisions are intentional and well thought of as against our knee-jerk reactions where we act without thinking of the possible outcomes. 
Here’s what can help –  

Take a step back  

This means to take a step backward instead of forward when we are in situations that want us to act. The backward step will help you move ahead mindfully.  


This might not sound very helpful, but trust us; breathing is underrated. While our body is breathing by itself, intentional and focused deep breathing can calm us down and prepare us for the mindset needed for the next thoughtful step.  


Pay attention to your present condition and surrounding via a 360-degree approach. This means attending to the quick flashback of what just happened a while ago and where you are in the moment. Doing so will help you plan the solution.  

Focus on ‘how’  

Knowing the cause of the problem is crucial, but you may not always have the time to focus on ‘why.’ This means you might not always know why things are happening around you the way they are turning out to be. Even when you understand ‘why,’ you might need time to accept and process things. Thus, we can come to why later and prioritize how you can resolve this situation.  

Find the balance between emotions and facts 

Reactions are mainly about letting emotions rule, whereas responses are about balancing emotions and facts. This is about knowing that while our feelings are valid, what we think about things might be different from what they actually are.  
Making this balance a part of our habits can help us have healthy well-being and relationships : )  
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It is believed that responding takes time. While this might be true, it is essential to understand that a few moments spent on mindfulness can save us many more moments of undoing the damage our unthought reactions may cause.  
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