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Are You Ready To Play The Infinite Game?

27.06.2024 | Radha Kesavaram

A perspective that often gets lost in our struggle to meet our daily challenges is how we view our path ahead in the grand scheme of things.  
Am I here to survive, or Am I here to thrive? 
The answer makes all the difference in how we view our struggles and challenges. 
Playing the Infinite Game is about staying in the arena and holding your ground long enough, knowing that efforts will pay off and dreams will materialize into reality.  
Knowing that setbacks and plans thwarted are necessary for essential learnings to take place so they can propel us forward to new beginnings and adventures. 
Knowing that all the resources I need will be available and the path will clear as I walk. 
How can I set myself up to Play the Infinite Game?  
By recognizing that challenges are temporary and fleeting in nature and are crossroads in disguise, to help me gain the clarity, I need to thrive and not merely survive. 
By setting goals and challenges that allow opportunities for me to learn and grow beyond what my current circumstances dictate so that I may gain the skills to thrive and not merely survive 
By permitting myself to seek help and resources available in my vicinity so that I may gain the strength to thrive and not merely survive 
And the Most sacred Rule of All – By being open, willing, and ready to work on me, so that I may meet my own standards to thrive and not merely survive.  
Luck is Preparation meeting Opportunity, and those of us who blame luck when setbacks happen perhaps need to revisit how we have defined it and our reasons for doing so. 
FAIL is the First Attempt at Learning. We probably need regular reminders of when viewing setbacks so that we may recognize the biggest fear that limits us, which is the fear of failure. 
Fear, the paralyzing kind that prevents us from doing the best for ourselves, can be deciphered as False Evidence Appearing Real, inspiring us to look at the evidence to the contrary. 
You are wired for success and passion and endless thriving.  
The game is on, and what’s keeping you in the stands? 
Walk into the arena, head held high, knowing You Got This. 
And We have your back. 
If you or somebody you know is facing a similar issue, consider reaching our Support and Engage verticals for affordable and inclusive help!  
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