Procrastinating Forever? Maybe This Can Fix

February 8, 2023 | Radha Kesavaram
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Writer – Radha Kesavaram  

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Seems like you have been putting things off for ages? 

Let’s see who the real culprit is! 

  • Stop name-calling 

            You are not being lazy or unproductive, and be mindful of the words you choose to speak to yourself 

  •  Notice thoughts that emerge as you approach the task 

             Fear of failure or feelings of shame or helplessness can come up, and recognizing that  

             they have nothing to do with the outcome 

  • What is the tiniest step I can take next? 

             This can be as simple as getting up from bed and making that phone call, drafting an 

             email or calling a friend for guidance.  

  •    Attend to self-care 

               Fatigue and exhaustion from over-committing to tasks could be the culprit too. Allow  

                yourself to rest enough before you start. 


Remember that Once begun is Half done! 

Stay the course, mate. 

You got this one too! 


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