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Peak performance and productivity: Therapist speak on achieving the Impossible

10.06.2024 | Radha Kesavaram

Those of us who commit to endeavours and projects, both in our personal and professional lives, know that success and fulfilment in our pursuits require us to perform at our best 
For our efforts to match the level of our expectations 
Also, to meet the expectations of those we are answerable to 
If only this process was as straightforward as we’d like it to be! 
For, along the way appear challenges, within and without, that make this so difficult to achieve! 
There can be days when mustering the motivation to stay the course might seem like a hard ask in the face of unexpected setbacks repeating themselves, one after the other, even before we can get the project start rolling! 
Or other personal challenges may come into the mix making it so difficult to stay focused 
Is there a way by which peak performance, productivity, and engagement can be ensured particularly for those projects that ignite oneself from within?! 
And as days roll into weeks and months, you can watch the project birth itself, grow wings and soar higher than you had ever imagined?! 
Here are insights that I offer as a Therapist that can help you set yourselves up in the best possible way for the best of outcomes as you take on projects and challenges! 
Choosing your area of commitment  
Whether it is following a beaten path or carving out a path of your own, when faced with options on endeavours and projects you can commit yourself to, that demand your time, energy, and resources, pick and choose those that you are truly passionate about. The ones that hold the potential to showcase your strengths and skillsets. Projects that you feel you can wholeheartedly commit yourself to 
Dividing into bite sized pieces 
With the deadline looming in front, and the time crunch compelling you to fast track your efforts, things can get overwhelming to deal with. Rather than trying to tackle the entire project at one go, divide it into manageable portions that you can focus on one at a time. This can help ensure quality of work that matches the level of your expectations! 
Planning and scheduling 
Managing the time available to devote to the project is a key factor that helps to ensure success. Treating time as the most valuable resource, and taking the deadline into account, formulate a schedule for tasks involved allotting adequate time for each. Factor in enough room for flexibility! 
Stepping out of your comfort zone 
Some endeavours may require you to perform beyond what your current capability levels and skill sets seem to be a match for! It can be helpful to recognize that it is normal to experience feelings of self-doubt while engaging in this process. Also, challenges that inspire you to extend yourself beyond the boundaries of your existing skill sets hold the key for personal development as they eventually mirror what you are truly capable of achieving. Embrace this opportunity knowing that this holds the maximum potential for growth! 
Fear as a factor in the mix 
A common impediment that most of us tend to face as we contemplate beginning this journey is feelings of fear. Fear of one’s performance falling short of expectations or fear of the outcome. Knowing that this is part and parcel of new pursuits and recognizing this to be an inherent part of the process will help us view it as less of a threat 
Single-minded focus works 
Most of us handle multiple roles and responsibilities in life and at work. Multitasking hence often tends to become a way of life and dealing with things. Focusing our time, energy, and efforts solely towards a single chosen task at a time helps ensure peak performance and success. Avoid multi-tasking! 
Seeking help and support 
None of us have accomplished this alone! Know that you can always reach out to people who can provide you with useful insights, resources, and support. Strength lies in recognizing gaps in your knowledge and skills and addressing them! 
Let me conclude with this… 
The Secret lies at the Intersection  
Where Challenge and Fun meet Purpose! 
Pursuits that lie outside your comfort zone  
Yet inspire you to raise your game! 
They hold the key for success and fulfilment! 
Cheers, mate! 
You got this. 
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