Lack Motivation? Here’s Where You Can Begin!

March 30, 2023 | Radha Kesavaram
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Writer – Radha Kesavaram  

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Exhaustion and fatigue seem to set in, especially during those days in the week when we need to stay on top of our game. And we know how irritating it can get : (  

Therefore, let’s examine the steps we can take to address this dilemma -  

  • Allow yourself time to rest and take stock of the situation 

Take a step back to rest enough so you may be able to assess factors contributing to this state of inertia and tiredness 

  • Rule out physical factors that might be contributing 

Recovering after that last flu attack or the non-stop entertainment that you had to take on during the weekend might be taking a toll 

  • Address aspects of mental health that might be weighing on you 

Anxiety about that impending health check-up or the vacation that didn’t end up serving you well enough may need to be examined. Prioritize remedial action here.  

  • Reward and celebrate gains and victories, replenishing your zest for life 

Focus on the big picture recognizing accomplishments and the way forward. Know that these feelings of weariness are transient and can be overcome effectively with timely action. 

Soon enough, you will find yourself getting back on track and forging your way forward! 


This post represents the author’s personal views and experiences. iDare doesn’t endorse or take responsibility for the opinions expressed. 


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