6 Easy Ways to Achieve Holistic Health and Wellbeing

March 13, 2022 | Akhila Ramaswamy
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Author - Akhila Ramaswamy

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The primary aspect of a person’s outlook is attributed to their health and well-being. These parameters can further be supplemented by relative terms like fitness, balanced diet, exercise, mental health, cognitive state, etc. These terms could be knit together under a bigger canvas to derive a wholesome approach to life. This enriching, multi-faceted understanding of fitness is termed holistic health care under a broader spectrum. The most important essentials of an integrated, holistic healthcare system include physical fitness, mental health, emotional balance, social well-being, intellectual soundness, and spiritual enrichment. Let’s address each dimension with a greater perspective in the forthcoming segments.

Physical Fitness for a strong body – In your everyday routine, we can achieve physical fitness by spreading awareness on these aspects:

  • Proper nutrition and a balanced diet are the dictating parameters for maintaining sound physical health. Avoiding fast foods, fried items, and binging on unhealthy snacks should be practiced on a priority basis.
  • Regular intake of water and fluids help to keep the body hydrated with a good metabolism rate.
  • Walking at least for thirty minutes every day keeps fitness levels up and maintains a healthy weight. Choose to stay active by exercising regularly with proper guidance and directions.
  • Choose a healthy diet with more fruits, vegetables, and greens that fill our bodies with adequate nutrition. These nutrients help build a solid immune system and protect us against diseases.
  • Sleeping for at least 6 to 8 hours a day refreshes and rejuvenates the body completely. We must follow good hygiene practices and maintain cleanliness in our surroundings to improve overall physical health.

Mental well-being and inner happiness- The most straightforward motto for good mental health is to be hale, hearty, and active at every phase of life. Take a look at these simple factors:

  • De-stressing in all forms is one of the best advice for maintaining good mental health. Expressing our thoughts with our loved ones and talking to them every day sometimes creates a fresh feel for the mind.
  • Avoid extreme drinking and alcohol consumption as they disrupt our mental wellness. Similarly, drug usage and addiction to unhealthy practices lead the mind negatively towards mental diseases and suffering.
  • Learning and regularly practicing yoga and meditation do wonder. Set realistic, achievable milestones and learn to enjoy your journey, even if success is not round the corner. Accept new challenges in life positively and focus on finding solutions to your problems. Engage in a hobby regularly to de-stress and stay motivated.

The emotional quotient – Channelling our emotions and offering a constructive pathway builds good emotional health. Learn to adopt these measures:

  • ‘Respond’ to situations instead of ‘reacting’ to them, as this offers more clarity and a better understanding of everyday conflicts.
  • Inculcate a thumb rule to handle your emotions in a controlled manner. Always practice mindfulness before speaking anything to anyone.
  • Read good books and stay connected with friends, relatives, and family members to achieve good emotional balance and well-being in life. Inspire yourself by exploring your true interests and purpose, thereby adding meaning to your life.

Social wellness – We live together in our society and are definitely interdependent. Here are ways to connect better with and keep our social life full of energy:

  • Preserve the weekends to connect and collaborate with fellow mates, neighbors, and friends in your vicinity. A simple smile can do wonders at times.
  • Stay away from negative feelings and thoughts. Live life with a spice of kindness, empathy, and care for near and dear ones.
  • Add beauty to our personality by offering to volunteer, care for the elderly and engage in charitable activities. As far as possible, we should try and be non-judgmental about others.
  • Respect others' opinions gracefully and choose your actions wisely.

Intellectual robustness- Our intellect drives our innermost feelings. It helps us to put on a positive or negative approach towards life. Here are ways to create a positive impact:

  • Being timid or gulping down things without offering freedom for expression could lead to a deadlock situation inside our minds. Setting space for an open mind releases and flushes out your anxiety factors.
  • Understand life with a bigger perspective. Approach your problems with a vision to find solutions and come out of them amicably.
  • Prayers offer to heal. Meditating and praying with a calm mind can create a positive aura around you and instill strength and resilience to face the world.
  • Finally, take a break from work and go on a long vacation with family/ friends. Hit the road on a solo detoxifying trip, and you could just be heading for an enriching intellectual experience.

Spiritual health- Spirituality connects us directly with our underlying faith and beliefs. It is a pure, unbiased, and morally enriching form of the healing system. This system is not compulsorily affiliated with any religious state of practice. Some ways to attain spiritual health are:

  • Visiting spiritual places of importance or retreat centers could be one way to zoom in your spiritual hormones in the right direction.
  • Blissful accompaniments like spiritual reading and listening to soulful music could be zestful tools for spiritual peace. Spending time with pets, trekking, admiring nature, and coming closer to nature could be other forms of creative engagements.

Happy minds spread joy and happiness everywhere. Transforming our lives by embracing a holistic approach could remarkably re-ignite and rejuvenate our journey in a wholesome manner. Let us derive the strength and wisdom to stay healthy and motivate our near and dear ones to achieve joy and peace of mind in their lives!

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