Unlearn Taboos around
Abuse and Mental Health.
Reclaim Power.

iDare aims to develop an ecosystem that tears down the culture of silence around Abuse and Mental Health by equipping each other with intersectional, affordable, and accessible information, support, and resources.

Get Inspired

One of the most significant gaps in fighting against abuse and mental health stigma is the lack of information. Therefore, iDare brings you a regular dose of well-researched articles to inform you, engaging videos to educate you, and inspiring lived stories of real people that will make you believe in yourself and give you the push you need to deal with your struggles.

Seek Support

In need of someone who will believe and listen to you without being judgmental and support you unconditionally? That is precisely what we do! Call or chat with our support team and open up to us. We will work with you to make an action plan to help solve your issue.Whether you need to know how to support a loved one with anxiety or manage stress or stand up to your abuser, we are here for you.

Engage Resources

If you're looking to make your life easier and health better? We’ve got you covered.
We provide:
- Therapy and Life Coaching sessions.
- Self-defense and Fitness courses.
- Workshops about various topics such as self-improvement and financial independence.
- Legal counseling sessions.

All at affordable and accessible prices.

Stuck somewhere and don’t know what place is safe closest to you? Have a look at iDare’s safe zones on the map feature!

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About iDARE

iDare is a one-stop platform for safety and well-being. We have built an ecosystem that provides information, resources, and support for anyone dealing with mental health issues or physical, sexual, or mental abuse.

We aim at creating a safe space for everyone to open up about their lives, struggles and support one another. iDare follows an intersectional approach throughout its verticals. It provides well-researched, inspiring, and engaging content, friendly safety maps, and accessible call-chat support, as well as affordable workshops, self-defense and fitness classes, mental and legal counseling for all.

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