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About iDare

iDare is a one-stop platform for safety and well-being. We have built an ecosystem that provides information, resources, and support for anyone dealing with mental health issues or physical, sexual, or mental abuse.

We aim at creating a safe space for everyone to open up about their lives, struggles and support one another. iDare follows an intersectional approach throughout its verticals. It provides well-researched, inspiring, and engaging content, friendly safety maps, and accessible call-chat support, as well as affordable workshops, self-defense and fitness classes, mental and legal counseling for all.
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Our Journey

Step 1
iDare begins as DARE (Defense Against Rape and Eve-Teasing) in 2015.
Step 2
DARE continues to create safe-spaces and provide self-defense training to 9,00,000 girls and women across India.
Step 3
DARE’s post-workshop counseling sessions stun us with many cases of sexual violence and some important insights.
Step 4
DARE’s crucial experiences and bottlenecks give birth to iDare.

About Dare

DARE has been working persistently since 2015 on conducting workshops in schools and colleges across India, training almost 10 lakh women and girls. The sincere effort is to prepare girls to
outface social injustices committed against them. The workshops focus on teaching self-defense, educating on the rights and laws related to sexual abuse and harassment, and creating safe spaces for girls to open up about their problems. The DARE team works closely with the girls to protect them and improve their mental health.

Today, DARE has successfully solicited support from the State Governments of Karnataka, Goa, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. Through their respective Directors of Education, the state secretariat has issued circulars and clearances to facilitate the DARE training program, helping us reach all educational institutions in their districts.
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We are fighting against mental health stigmas and all forms of abuse to create safe spaces for everyone. We need you, come, join our team of empathetic, assertive, and driven folks!

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